Link Roundup!

If you missed our past Link Roundups, this is a little space where we share the best articles we’ve seen on the net lately. If you’ve read something interesting, feel free to pass it along in the comments below!

Five Ways to Localize your Credit Union’s Marketing Strategy

CU Insight published this article last month and we’ve been thinking about it ever since. Hyper-local marketing makes sense for most financial institutions since they tend to focus on the surrounding community, and this is a great primer on how marketers can focus on that.

We especially like the part about hosting events, since we created the DocuMatix Product Suite with that in mind. You can set up events, email invites, and track attendance through the DPS tool, which should make getting involved in the local community a breeze.

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8 Effective Email Marketing Strategies, Backed by Science

We’re obsessed with stats around these parts; they’re the easiest way to prove that email marketing WORKS. So we feel a special kinship with the people over at Buffer Social who took the time to analyze and debunk some common email marketing practices with data in this article.

Some interesting things they found include the best length for your subject lines (below 49 words or above 70) and that the weekend might actually be a good time to send (despite what you heard).

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10 Marketing Trends The Banking Industry Can’t Ignore

All ten of these trends are right on the money, including following a member’s journey through your financial institution and using lots of customization. This might be a good time to plug our email tool that allows you to create specific marketing paths based on how a user responds. You can send out a welcome email and then trigger emails to them consistently for the rest of their time with your financial institution.

Nearly all of these apply to email marketing campaigns, but they’re also applicable to any marketing you do.



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