Two New Email Marketing Stats You Need to Know

During this year’s DocuMatix User Conference (which was awesome, by the way!) we talked a lot about our 2015 Email Metrics Study that was recently published and wanted to share some of the info for everyone that couldn’t make it.

So, here are two things we discussed and what they mean for your future email campaigns.

How are people checking their email?

Mobile continues to grow in popularity, with Android and iPhone dominating the market.



For people using personal computers, Windows beat Mac for the most-used operating system.


However, there’s still some overlap for people that use both their phone and computer to check email.


Moral of the story? Make sure to preview your email for all kinds of different scenarios before sending.

What’s the best way to increase my open rates?

Think about your biggest goal when sending an email campaign. If you’re like most users, first and foremost you want to make sure it’s getting opened. We’ve talked about avoiding spam filters, using good subject lines, and testing your emails, but what’s the most effective way to make sure people are opening your email?

According to our Email Metrics Study, segmenting can give your campaign the boost it needs. We assigned an internal segmenting score based on users who sent emails to their entire list vs. a segmented portion.  The results prove that the more you segment, the higher the open rate you can expect.


Once your email has been opened, we discovered that there is an optimal number of links to include for high click-through rates. Based on 15,000 campaigns and over 90 million email addresses, that magic number is 2-4 .


To see the rest of our 2015 Email Metrics study, click this link and fill out your info!



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