Link Roundup!

It’s been a few months since we shared with you some of the best industry news that we’ve read recently. In order to stay on top of everything happening in the email marketing world, we’re always reading, researching, and talking about the climate of emarketing. Here’s a few articles we think are worth a read!

3 Ways Email is Embracing the Trends that Were Supposed to Make it Obsolete

When Adweek posts an article about email marketing, you know it’s legit. We loved this thinkpeice about 3 ways email is embracing the trends that were supposed to make it obsolete. In many ways, email is the most flexible marketing tool available right now. One of the biggest criticisms of emarketing is that people see it as junk- not so, says this article. Instead, email marketers have found a way to customize quickly and speak to the individual in a much more personal way than direct mail and tv ads.

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Marketing the Millennial Customer Using Email

Adobe is a huge company that has made email work for them. In this blog post, they release the findings of an email marketing study they conducted that focused on the next generation of consumers. What they found is that people spend an average of SIX HOURS a day checking email. Obviously, if you’re not emailing, you’re going to experience some FOMO. Despite the massive amount of time they spend looking at their inbox, however, millennial don’t want repetitive emails from brands and they do want more emoji. Check out the whole post for more insight.

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Five Unconventional Ways to Write Email Subject Headlines That Work

We like the way this blog post flips email on it’s head a bit. Advice includes: forget the upper case, stop saying “we”, and be more casual. It’s easy for companies (especially ones in the financial industry) to want to be taken seriously. But that’s not always the best way to gain trust. Read the tips in this post and tell us what you think!

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Two Simple Ways to Find a Budget for Your Credit Union Content Marketing

This is a practical guide for anyone in the financial industry that struggles with trying to meet numbers with a small budget. We wanted to highlight this article because email is an incredibly effective venue for low-cost content marketing. A huge reason we chose to get into emarketing is because we’ve seen how much easier it makes life for marketers. All of the sudden you can push content you write directly to consumers without gobbling up paper and other resources. Check this out if you have a boss that needs convincing!

Have you read anything great in the past few months? Let us know, we love new reading material!


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