Using Twitter to Get More Email Subscribers

Lately we’ve noticed more financial institutions spending time on Twitter. Some are still testing the waters by throwing out a tweet here and there to stay relevant, while others are power users whose Twitter presence extends into their overall marketing plan.

Whether you’re in column A or column B (or a little bit of both) you should be using Twitter cards. Introduced a few months ago, these standalone advertising boxes are pure gold from a marketing standpoint. There are several ways to use them (check out this primer if you’re unfamiliar), but one really valuable aspect is that they can help you collect email addresses.

An example from Twitter of a lead generation card.

An example from Twitter of a lead generation card.

Marketers at financial institutions have a unique challenge. Nearly everyone wants to receive transactional account notices, but it can be more difficult to get people to opt-in to marketing emails about events, news, and promotions.

In order to get the most money for your marketing dollar, try a sponsored lead generation Twitter card with a call to action like “Sign Up For Our Newsletter” or “Get Updates From ABC Financial”.

You can target certain demographics with custom cards, plus you can collect email addresses from people members AND people who already follow you on Twitter but may not be banking with you yet.

Hear that? It’s the sound of your email list expanding.

Will you be using them? Have you already? Share your experiences and if you think Twitter cards will be a major marketing tool for you in the future!


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