Personalizing Your Next Event

Hello everyone! We’re back with another Tips and Tricks blog post that will give you some insight on an important component of the DocuMatix Product Suite: event registrations.

Whether you’re hosting a retirement workshop, financial seminar or even a company party, the Event Registration module can create a unique registration form, perfect for sending automatic reminders and much more. We won’t go over the basics, since you can find all that in our tutorial on the VideoHelp page, what we’re going to cover today is the “much more.”

DocuMatix nametag

 Once you’ve sent out a digital link to an event or put an event calendar on your website and attendees have RSVP’d, use our reporting function to create personal touches that set your event apart by exporting a list of all atendees. You can use attendee lists to:

      • Make name tags. After you’ve created an event, head over to the Reports and pull up a list of everyone who has registered either online or by phone (tip: you may want to wait until all the seats have been filled or the day-of the event before creating nametags to ensure you don’t miss anyone).

Then, copy the names of those attending, create a Word document using the label template and print name tags that will be waiting at the door for guests as they arrive.

  • Add personal touches at company parties. Next time you host a company event or internal party, use the attendee list to create placecards, affix personal labels to gifts or even engraving the employees name on a pen or award plaque to give to them.
  • Electronically check-in guests. If you own an iPad or iPhone make sure you’ve downloaded the DocuMatix Product Suite app to make checking guests in easy. You can ditch the Excel spreadsheets in favor of a digital list, reported in real-time, that allows you to check in guests and guests-of-guests as they arrive.

As you prepare for an event, be sure to announce it via email and place an image on your web site linking to the event, since both of these will help increase attendance. You can also use real-time alerts to notify you about how your event registration is going so you can add more sessions as it fills up or send out another announcement if numbers are lower than you’d like.

Whether you’re already hosting popular seminars or want to see a boost in numbers, use these Event Registration tips to make your next event even more accessible. Do you have any tips for making financial events successful? Share them with us!


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