Link Roundup!

It’s been a minute since our last link roundup, so as a refresher, the link roundup is where we search the web for the best recent articles on the financial industry and email marketing so you don’t have to. You’re welcome. Enjoy!

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Why These Email Marketing Tactics Are Important For The Presidential Campaigns (And Your Email Campaigns, Too)

Sometimes stepping outside of your industry to look at how other people do email marketing is the best way to grow. This article about the ways presidential candidates use email marketing is informative and interesting. Your email list may not effect your place in the Oval Office, but it CAN help you triumph over competitors.

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The Simplicity Revolution in Banking

The Financial Brand published this article about simplicity in banking a few weeks ago and it’s been stuck in our heads ever since. How often do you try to brainstorm for email marketing ideas that will grab subscribers attention, only to become frustrated when your imagination can’t create something amazing? We’ve all been there. This article explains why you don’t necessarily need all the bells and whistles.

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The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation

If you’ve got a little bit of time, we recommend this in-depth guide to marketing automation, or, how to make your life easier. If you’re not using our tools to automatically send emails, this presents a nice case for setting up triggered email paths that make your members feel like they’re being taken care of. It’s often the key to high retention and happy working relationships!

Read anything great this month? Let us know in the comments!


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