Why Do People Leave Financial Institutions?


Most marketers can agree that once someone decides to choose your financial institution, it’s crucial to keep them happy. So what makes a satisfied member or customer? And why do people leave?

According to a study by CRMGuru, 74% of people drop their bank or credit union because of customer service. Now, the study is a bit dated (it was done in 2004), but we’re willing to bet that not much has changed.

If anything, customer service in this age of quick transactions and tech advances is even more important.

People want to know that they’re being heard, taken care of, and marketed to appropriately. Do you already consider email marketing as part of customer service? If not, we think that maybe you should.

Each time you communicate with a person who uses your financial institution, whether it’s through direct mail, email, or in person, you want it to feel authentic.

That’s where DocuMatix Onboarding comes in. This isn’t a sales pitch, it’s just a tool we think is really REALLY useful for making a good first impression and creating offers that people actually want to see.

You can upload lists based on certain demographics, for a personal experience. You can schedule welcome emails to send automatically as soon as someone sets up an account. And most of all, you can make sure people feel like they’re being taken care of.


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