Link Roundup!

Hey. How’s it going? We genuinely want to know. As 2014 wraps up, one of our biggest goals is to get some feedback regarding how we approach social media. Do you like what we’re posting here? How could we be more helpful?

From the beginning our goal has always been to provide you content that makes your life easier, so when we ask for your opinion we’re really listening. While you ruminate on those thoughts, here are some awesome articles from around the internet that we think should be shared.

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Better Ways to Define Email Marketing Success
This is a great piece from a tech site, Mashable, that really spells out how we define email marketing success as it evolves. If you love data-driven feedback from your email marketing campaigns, you need to read this!

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How to Improve Your Social Media Holiday Campaigns
Do you ever feel like your holiday marketing gets lost online? There’s SO MUCH going on and people are ready to auto-pilot into the new year. This article has some tips to cut through the noise and make people pay attention.

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Holiday Email Campaigns

We’re going to throw a little shameless self-promotion in here and urge you to check out last year’s post on creating a holiday email campaign. For DocuMatix users, you’ll find some tried-and-true ideas for using our tools to create unique marketing messages tailored to your audience.


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