4 Ways to Use Triggered Emails

Triggered email, by definition, is any form of email that is automatically sent based on an event or other qualifying factor. In this glorious new era of eMarketing, they’ve become so commonplace that they’re almost expected from most businesses and financial institutions.

We’ve been talking a lot about our DocuMatix On Demand Onboarding tool that uses triggered email to contact new email addresses and lead them through a series of emails based on offers that you create, but once you have the DocuMatix On Demand (DOD) software there are many other uses for automated message sending. Here are some of the most popular ways DocuMatix users are leveraging triggered emails.

new account blog image

New Accounts

We’ve explored in-depth the benefits of emailing someone right after they open a new account and triggered emails take the work out of uploading a list of new subscribers. You can even choose to send multiple targeted emails about your services to new account holders and determine the order they are sent in. This will help subscribers explore your financial institution and get to know you.

money blog image

Payment Notifications

Let people know when their money has been transferred and where using triggered email that will be sent immediately after the transaction. For example, send an email after an auto bill pay has been completed to reassure members and customers that it worked. You can also summarize branch transactions with an automated email.

branch blog image

Branch Transactions

One thing many people have asked us for is a way to automatically send a survey after branch transactions. We’re happy to report that DOD is perfect for that. You can create a survey that will launch automatically after someone stops in your financial institution and track the results using our tool.

 birthday blog image


Birthday and Anniversary

A birthday and anniversary email is a personal touch that we recommend implementing in your marketing plans. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from informational or promotional emails and send out a simple email that lets subscribers know you care about them personally, right?


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