FAQs: About Conversion


Hopefully you’ve heard by now that we recently upgraded our DocuMatix Product Suite. The new tool is so different that we’re completely shutting down the old DPS tool at the end of next year and migrating everyone over! To make sure all your critical items are being brought over, we’re going through what we’re calling the conversion process. We’ll manually copy over all the critical items you choose and make them compatible with the new tool.

As we go through this process, we’ve gotten a few questions that we wanted to answer here on the blog so that you can have it as a handy reference guide. See any questions missing? Let us know and we would be happy to add them to the list!


Do I have to move everything I want over to the beta system myself?

Absolutely not! We are here to help you convert all the essential items you need over to the new platform. Due to a high volume of things that need to be manually converted by us, however, we ask that you only transfer critical items. To get the process started, please email Amanda at amears@documatix.com.


What information do I need to include when I send you a conversion list?

It’s extremely helpful to us if you’ll send the item type, name and location in your list. Often there are duplicates or mislabeled items, so this helps ensure that we are moving the right things over.


After my items are converted, will my old account and the items on my list be deleted?

When we convert your items, we are actually just manually making a copy that is compatible in the new system. All your old items will still be available to you in your legacy DocuMatix account.


Are you still offering support for the legacy DPS?

Yes and no. Yes, we will always be available for any questions or assistance you need if you are still using the legacy system, but no, we will not be upgrading any of the legacy software and we will be closing all account on the old system by the end of 2015, so you’ll want to make sure you have moved over by then!


Will my reports transfer over to the new system?

Unfortunately we are not able to move reports straight across platforms, but we recommend creating PDF files of all your current reports and saving them on your computer so they aren’t lost when your legacy account is closed.


How long does it take to convert all my items over?

Currently the approximate time for a complete conversion is around two weeks. If you only have a few items we can typically complete it quicker. If you have a strict deadline or need the items quicker, please let us know. We are happy to try and work with your schedule to the best of our ability.


Do I HAVE to convert my essential items to the new system?

No, in fact we have some users who prefer to just recreate the items they use in the new system since it offers so many new design features. It’s also a great way to get to know the system. You are free to begin creating and launching at any time, so if you feel confident enough to convert your own items go for it!


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