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If you tuned into our Webinar last week, you heard all about our new Subscriber Preferences setting. It’s an exciting development for the DocuMatix Product Suite, so we wanted to take a minute to explain exactly what that means for your email campaigns.


The CAN-SPAM Act that was passed in 2003 set some of the very first legal rules regarding marketing emails. This bill was created to prevent spam email and introduced many new compliance practices, including the law that states all marketing emails must include an option to unsubscribe, or be taken off a companies email list. An opt-out request must then be honored within 10 business days and the email address must be placed on a master opt-out list.

Requiring an unsubscribe option is obviously great for protecting subscribers…but not so great for email marketing campaigns. All it takes is one irrelevant email or broken link to permanently lose a member of your marketing audience. That’s why we’re excited to release new Subscriber Preferences.



Instead of an all-or-nothing opt-out, we want you to be able to allow subscribers to customize what types of email they receive. There are two steps that make this successful. First, you will need to define a category for each email you create. Then, you can give email recipients two options when they unsubscribe- they can either choose to manage subscriptions or continue opting-out of everything.

From the manage subscriptions screen, email recipients can choose which category they want to continue receiving messages for. It’s all about communication, and we think subscriber preferences are an amazing way to promote a better relationship while still complying with spam laws.


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All DocuMatix users currently on the beta DocuMatix Product Suite system can use Subscriber Preferences beginning Sept. 2. If you’re not converted to the updated system yet, please send an email to know so we can begin the process with you! Once you’re set up, a support team member will walk you through Subscriber Preferences.

If you missed the webinar, you can find it under the ‘Video Help’ section of both the legacy and beta DPS tool.


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