Case Study: Using DocuMatix Internally

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Behind everything we do is the desire to make your job easier and communication inside your financial institution even more effective.

That’s why we got really excited when Delynn Byars, Senior Vice President of Marketing at First South Financial Credit Union told us about all the ways she’s currently thinking outside the box to make the DocuMatix Product Suite a valuable tool for both members and staff.

From creating new training modules based on employee survey feedback to using Secure Web Forms for the referral process, once we heard how she was using DocuMatix internally we wanted to spotlight just a few innovative solutions FSFCU has applied throughout their financial institution.

Healthy Work Site Initiative

When they began implementing a healthy worksite initiative, First South Financial decided to create several surveys using our Survey Module to see what people wanted to focus on. After the information was collected, FSFCU created a tailored program that set goals each month, allowed participants to track their progress and used a Web Form to submit their results.

They found the biggest motivator was recognition, so First South Financial used that knowledge to recognize staff for what they were doing and how far they had come in their progress towards a healthier life.

As part of the program, FSFCU also organized a 5k race and registered participants using DocuMatix. They created a Web Form to find out if registrants were racing for the first time and paid their way if they were. Delynn said using DocuMatix through every step of the program has helped them stay organized and save time.


Another way First South Financial is using Web Forms internally is for referrals. Rather than sending emails, whenever a referral is made within a branch someone then logs in to DocuMatix and fills out the referral form created using DocuMatix. FSFCU then pulls the reporting information into an Excel sheet and tracks the results.

“Referral forms are a big thing for us,” said Delynn. “We use it for our mortgage department, investment services; many departments use it a lot.”

First South Financial found that after using this system, referrals increased greatly and they expanded internal use of this system for cross-selling purposes. To do this, Delynn designed a form to track cross-selling numbers and had employees fill them out for a yearly contest.

“Healthy competition is a huge motivator for staff to update them and let them know who is ahead,” said Delynn, “and it’s been very easy to keep on top of.”

Donation requests

Donation requests are important at First South Financial, so they decided to put them all in one place to make them easy to find and submit. Creating a donation request form and linking it on their website has allowed FSFCU to cut down on time spent managing and tracking requests.

Delynn cites it as one of the best things First South Financial has ever done, saying it has completely changed the way donations are handled and as a result people are not hesitant to send the request.

“Even if the answer is ‘no’ they appreciate us letting them know quickly and easily.” said Delynn, “This gives us a chance to make notes and track our responses.”

We’re so impressed with the ways First South Financial has incorporated the DocuMatix Product Suite into multiple branches of their internal system! For questions about how you can do this, email us at



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