Tips and Tricks: Using Images in Your Emails

When you’re sending out emails, content is key; but that doesn’t mean your images are any less important.

They’re the first thing recipients notice when they open an email and images often end up being the reason people keep reading or click ‘delete.’ Next time you’re creating an email or sending out a newsletter, use these tips to add extra visual impact to your correspondence.





Use an image editor.

We work with marketing professionals who have a varying degree of staff to help them with email marketing. Some have the manpower for an entire department of graphic designers, while others do a large portion of image creation and editing themselves.

If you’re in charge of selecting and editing photos, an image editor will be your best friend. You can pay for the classic Adobe Photoshop software if you plan on creating complicated images with heavy editing, or try out a free service, like Gimp, that offers many of the same tools. For basic editing, the image editor in the DocuMatix Product Suite is exactly what you’re looking for. You can crop, add text and create borders or rounded corners.





Get professional shots of your staff.


 If you don’t have them already, make it a priority to get some good photos of your branches and staff. Placing professional headshots next to messages makes your newsletter seem more personal; and personal emails are more likely to get read. Other ways to use these photos include creating custom headers for your emails or placing a photo of employees on a column with monthly money tips from them.





Hire a photographer for special events.

You probably put a lot of time into events, from financial seminars to community fundraisers, so it makes sense to get someone to capture them and show your members what’s going on inside your financial institution. It’s also a smart move to request photos from promotion winners. For example, if you give away a vacation, ask if you can use a family photo in next months newsletter.





Use stock images.

If you’re running low on images to use, try a stock photo to add some visual interest. We have a wide selection of images available in our email creation tool, with more to come next month, but you can also find cheap stock images by browsing the “Free” section of several stock image sites like iStock Photo and Shutterfly.


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