Creating a Satisfaction Survey


Have you ever found yourself wishing there was a way to read the minds of the people that pass through your financial institution every day?

Let us introduce you to the survey module. For DocuMatix Product Suite users, the survey module is the perfect way to gather insight about how you’re measuring up. We compiled this list of tips and tricks for getting the most complete feedback from member satisfaction surveys.

Show you care

When people feel like their voice will be heard, they’re more likely to help you out by completing a survey. Makes sense, right? To make a survey more effective, add an intro message at the beginning that tells participants what kind of questions you’ll be asking, what the data will be used for and how much you appreciate their time.

Whenever possible, try to mention concrete examples of how the information you collect effects participants. One example we’ve seen is a credit union telling members that because of their feedback the previous year, they decided to open a new branch.

Pick the right question type

When you’re sending out a satisfaction survey you should have two basic goals: to get some background on the people using your services and to see how they feel about their experiences at your particular financial institution.

To get the kind of feedback you want, pay attention to how you set up your survey. We already mentioned adding an introduction with a personal message, but it’s also important to hold the survey-takers attention with a mix of opened-ended and radio questions.

While gathering statistics, give concrete options with radio buttons, check boxes or a drop-down list to get exactly what you’re looking for. Some popular questions we’ve seen include:

How long have you been a member of ABC Federal Credit Union?

1. Under a year

2. 1-5 years

3. 5-10 years

4. 10+ years


Why did you choose ABC FCU? Please check all that apply.

1. Fees

2. Convenience of branch location

3. ATM convenience

4. Availability of online services

5. Recommendation from family or friends

6. Interest rates on loans or deposits

7. Service from staff members

Rating scales and questions with comment boxes are more effective towards the end, when a survey participant has had time to think about the feedback they want to give. Here, you’ll want to ask questions like, “Would you recommend ABC Credit Union to a friend? Why or why not?”

Take advantage of skip logic

In the DocuMatix system, skip logic refers to the ability to send survey participants to different parts of your questionnaire based on their responses. The shorter the survey, the greater chance there is that people will finish it. The ideal completion time for a customer satisfaction survey is around 5 minutes.

For example, try asking if a user has ever applied for a loan through your financial institution. If the answer is yes, take them to a follow-up question to find out what type of loan they applied for. If it’s no, then on to the next question! Skip logic will ensure that the satisfaction survey you’re administering will be as tailored as possible to the individual taking it.

Good luck, and let us know if any of these methods work for you in the comments below.



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