Consider using keywords that reiterate that the new member made a fantastic choice in becoming part of your credit union. The c.u.’s we work with like to boast “World Class Service s” or “VIP” services such as our hassle free auto buying service.

Community involvement is also usually very well received
with new members. One of our credit unions uses a local sandblasting company that specializes in fund raising. This helps match local charities with local businesses who are looking to donate. A local church may need a new roof and the credit union has a “Community liaison” that helps organize a fund raiser.

This is a great program where the highest donor gets their business name sandblasted into a granite bench that the church puts on display on their property. Other donors get their business name on a tile walkway similar to the walk of stars in Hollywood!

That program doesn’t cost the credit union a penny of it’s own money besides the “community liaison” of course!
This program always keeps the credit union in the local news as well.

I’m sure this sandblasting company can ship these benches and tiles anywhere. If you’d like their info, we’ll be happy to provide it to you upon request.

Just things that making sure new members see the value added services that sets your institution apart from the rest is what makes them feel like you help them make a difference and reiterate why they chose your institution and that they made the right choice!