Case Study: Delta Community Credit Union

Sometimes a simple email can have the most impact. So far in our case study series we’ve talked about using Secure Web Forms, combining direct mail with email and using PURLs – but today we want to show you how easy it can be to get big results with a basic email.

This case study is from Delta Community Credit Union in Georgia who used the DocuMatix Email Manager as part of their Visa Card Balance Transfer program. They wanted to recapture balances their existing members had at other institutions and decided the easiest way to do it would be an email campaign that let members know about the incentive they were offering if they switched over.

During the month that the promotion ran, Delta Community Credit Union saw a total of 103 balance transfers that totaled $353,000. Those numbers alone are impressive, but what’s even more incredible is that they exceeded their marketing goal by almost 200%.

Things we can learn from this study:

  1. Keep messages to a minimum. Sometimes it can be hard to know how much mail to send when you’re promoting a campaign. Delta Community CU found that the sweet spot was sending out two emails in the duration of the month. They sent out an initial email to announce the promotion and then one reminder email to bump up results.
  2.  Offer an incentive. Plain and simple, a chance at winning something can be crucial for getting members interested in your services. For the balance transfer promotion, Delta Community CU offered a 1.5% cash rebate and a chance to win a $250 credit.
  3. Spend some time on your images. Although we have a lot of great options for stock photos, it never hurts to include an eye-catching header image in your email that you’ve designed and uploaded. 

Do you have any other tips for making your email campaigns stand out? Share them with us!


Download the case study PDF here: 2013DeltaCommunityCaseStudy




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