Case Study: Using Web Forms for Pre-Approval Campaigns

Today’s case study features Sky One Federal Credit Union and their quest to focus on core products– including increasing auto loan volume.

SkyOne traditionally sent auto loan pre-approval offers through direct mail or an eblast. There was nothing to fill out and SkyOne counted on the members that received the offer to call-in.

Unfortunately, that method wasn’t working out so well.

Instead of placing the responsibility on the members, SkyOne decided to make it easy by eliminating the need for members to make a phone call and instead sending out emails with embedded Secure Web Forms they could fill out.

After clicking on the call-to-action button, a short Web Form popped up that asked for contact info and then submitted it to lending department telling them that members wanted to take advantage of the auto loan offer.

And it worked! Web Forms accounted for 78% of all auto loans booked that month. SkyOne ended up booking 27 new auto loans at $21,600 average balance per loan and saw a 33% increase in new auto loans over the same time period the prior year.

At our User Conference Cassie from SkyOne broke down their method into three steps.

 Step One: Develop a Web Form


The Web Form SkyOne created for members to fill out.

To make the Secure Web Form mimic their design aesthetic, SkyOne used a graphic in the greeting sections and custom HTML to hide a field that was pre-populated with the lending department’s email so that it was sent straight to them.

(For more information on creating this customized type of form, feel free to give our customer support team a call!)

SkyOne’s Secure Web Form also asked for member’s name, account number, number to reach them at and the best time to call.

Step Two: Develop web form email

This is the email that was sent to the lending department after members submitted their completed Web Form.

This is the email that was sent to the lending department after members submitted their completed Web Form.

When you create an email it will ask you to put in the Web Form you created earlier. The information gathered will populate a message to the lending department.

Step three: Create marketing email


SkyOne used a graphic with a link to the Web Form as their marketing email to create a clean, eye-catching message for members. Test it, launch it and wait for the loan requests to roll in!



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