Case study: PURL Emails


Last week we held our first annual User Conference at Foothill Federal Credit Union and we were floored to hear about all the ways DocuMatix users are implementing the DocuMatix Product Suite and DocuMatix on Demand.

You guys make us look good and we just can’t keep all the information to ourselves. Although some of the content that was shared by our speakers will remain exclusive to conference-goers, we wanted everyone to have access to the case studies we released that day with a few insights.

First up: Family Trust Federal Credit Union.


Stephanie Garrett, graphic designer at Family Trust FCU, explained how they used the DocuMatix Product Suite to implement a Visa card credit limit increase program. You’ll find all the information in the case study, but here’s a rundown:

Family Trust targeted members with a minimum credit score of 630 and sent out a PURL, or personalized URL, email with the member’s name, credit limit increase amount and a link to a Web Form they could fill out to complete the request.

After filling out the form and choosing how they would like to be contacted, the form was sent to Family Trust’s phone service center where it was processed by loan officers.

The results they saw were awesome. How awesome? After using PURL emails, Family Trust saw a 48% increase in total credit limits in the 4th quarter 2012, as compared to 2011. They had a 32% overall response rate, which meant they had 150 increases out of 818 applicants.

The results are pretty impressive, but Stephanie had a few tips for execution that they discovered throughout the course of the campaign:

  1. Plan: Map out the DocuMatix modules you will be using first. For example, if you know your email will be linking to a Web Form, create that first so it’s ready to go when you start designing your email.
  2. Use alt image text: One problem that Family Trust faced was that images were blocked for some users. Go around this by creating thoughtful alternate text that tells members about the pre-approval.
  3. Stagger emails: To avoid overwhelming your call centers and loan processors, stagger the times you send the email to your members.

We hope you can use these tips and figures to create a successful PURL campaign of your own. Email us at with any questions, and don’t forget to check back each Monday for the next four weeks for a new case study!


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