How to Grow Your Email List

As trusted pillars of the community, credit unions, banks and other financial institutions often have less trouble than other industries collecting email addresses. People want to know what’s going on with their money and your institution. Use this to your advantage and make sure you’re reaching out to your subscribers regularly via email.

A key ingredient to any successful marketing strategy is knowing how and where to gather emails from your members/customers, so we’ve compiled this list with a few tips on collecting email addresses and growing one of your biggest resources: your email list.

Opt-In Form

Placing an opt-in form on the home page of your website is a tried-and-true method for gathering email addresses. If you use the DocuMatix Product Suite, utilize the Secure Web Forms module to create forms that can be placed on your site. You’ll definitely want to place an opt-in form on your front page, but you may also want to consider putting one on the login screen since many people have it bookmarked in their browser and head straight there when banking online.

Teller Transaction Receipts

Every time a member/customer conducts a physical transaction they receive a teller transaction receipt.  These receipts can be a viable vehicle for gathering new emails if you add a message at the bottom or top inviting your member/customer to join your email list. Simply give them the web address where they can opt-in or even put a QR code that directs them right to an opt-in form.  If possible, consider personalizing the message with their first name to spur action.


Holding promotions for both members/customers and employees can boost your email list enrollments and attract positive attention for your institution.  Try providing special incentives to those that opt-in within a specified time, i.e. monthly drawings or cash bonuses to tellers that collect the most emails in a given timeframe. Hosting a fun promotion makes gathering emails a win-win for you and the people you’re hoping to contact.

List Hygiene

As your list grows, manual errors can occur in the form of typos. After uploading all the emails you’ve collected in the DocuMatix system, be sure to download the records that are reported as “corrupt”.  At first glance many emails can be salvaged by correcting obvious typos such as misspellings of common domain names like AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.  Often times an email is simply missing the required “@” sign. Fixing these errors will ensure that people who sign up aren’t missing out or waiting to hear from you.

Use Social Media

If you’re already utilizing social media, try to cross-promote by providing places for email opt-in whenever possible. Most blogging platforms have free widgets that you can place on the front page to collect email addresses. Another resource to gather data is to create customizable Facebook tabs. With some basic HTML knowledge, or by using a third-party tool, you can make it easy for users to submit an email address when “liking” your page.

For everyone with an impressive email database, what was the best method you practiced for gathering info?


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