The new year is ringing in some new changes here at DocuMatix! Customer service has always been an important focus for us and our New Year’s resolution is to offer you even more tools through our social media that will help guide you in the process of using and understanding what our products have to offer.

On Jan. 7 we’re rolling out our updated website and while you may notice that it got a little facelift, like the blog tab you can click on to get here, underneath there’s some major reconstructive surgery going on with the addition of our social media links and employee profiles. We want to make sure you’re always connected to what’s going on with DocuMatix and how we’re working to make your job easier.

Facebook cover photo

To break it down, here’s a quick introduction to our complete social media renovation so you can learn about what’s going on in our little corner of the internet:

First, there’s this blog. Here you’ll find tips on ways to use our products most effectively and company news.  Since our main customer base is credit unions, banks and other financial institutions we also want to chat with you here about what’s going on in the industry.

Then there’s our brand new Facebook page, which we’ll be monitoring and providing timely responses to questions, that will give you an inside peek into the people who make the DocuMatix office a dynamic place to work and will offer a few special giveaways for our fans.

We promise not to spam your feed with pictures of kittens or novel-length rants (unless that’s your thing, then feel free to demand both of those in the comments) and we’ll only be posting things we think are highly relevant to our customers—both present and future.

We also can’t wait to talk to you on Twitter, where we’ll be busy live tweeting conferences, like the upcoming CUNA Marketing and Business Development Council that we’re sponsoring, and engaging in intellectual discourse with the top minds in the biz. Or hashtagging our office #Wii bowling tournaments. Either way, we hope you’ll follow us!

Finally, we’ve also set up an Instagram account and a Pinterest site that we’ll be using regularly, just in case you can’t get enough of DocuMatix.

We can’t wait to start engaging with you, here’s to the best and brightest 2013!

employee collage2


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